JP Kuehlwein

Executive Vice President
Frédéric Fekkai

JP Kuehlwein is Executive Vice President at Frédéric Fekkai, the New York-based prestige salon operator and hair care brand originally owned by Procter & Gamble, and now part of a joint venture between Designer Parfums and LUXE Brands. 

JP is also a recognized strategy expert, a global brand builder, and accomplished marketing leader who has lived and worked in three of the world’s key regions—Europe, Asia and North America—managing brands at Procter & Gamble.  He has a 20+ year track record of translating consumer and branding insights into transformational propositions that win in the market. His experience spans from introducing a new-to-the-world food wrap to the US or disposable diapers to developing markets in Asia, to developing a global communication strategy for the world’s leading detergent or portfolio strategies for Beauty, Lifestyle and Luxury categories.

Ask JP Kuehlwein for a short definition of a contemporary prestige brand-- one that garners almost cult-like following--and he’ll describe how people buy such brands with their hearts as well their heads, while their creators seem to apply magic as much as logic. He’ll add that modern prestige brands make us "long to belong," and they can be of any size and come from any category at any price point.

JP has co-authored a book with Wolfgang Schaefer, Chief Strategic Officer of SelectNY, one of the world’s leading premium branding networks, called Rethinking Prestige Branding. In fact, this intelligent, comprehensive book covers so many of today’s shifting brand dynamics that it encourages the even the most experienced marketer to rethink his or her perspectives.

JP Kuehlwein holds degrees in international management and business analysis from the universities of Reutlingen (Germany), Reims (France) and Lancaster (UK).

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