Andrew Markowitz

General Manager, Performance Marketing Labs
Andy Markowitz is the General Manager of GE’s newly-created Performance Marketing Labs, which focus on marketing opportunities that drive stakeholder connection and commercial acceleration. The Performance Marketing Labs focus on driving strategy, lead generation, channel disruption, insights and analytics, content, social media, and customer engagement. He led Andrew Markowitz led General Electric’s global digital center of excellence for 5 years.

Andy believes we are currently operating in the Age of Transformation and Accountability, rather than The Golden Age of Marketing. "I see marketing as being accountable, and through accountability, you build relevance and value-- internally and externally. Technologies are evolving so fast and we are now moving beyond the ‘test and learn' phases to a place where digital is creating opportunities to reach true accountability with marketing spend."

Andy broadly describes Digital Marking as "a quest to connect people, ideas, places, and machines to personalize and customize user experience." He adds that "the yield is micro relevance for macro impact."

As a result, he sees the mission of the GE Performance Marketing Labs as "making it easier for GE Customers to buy, or for GE Sales teams to sell products."  He adds, "We're all about the commercial component of marketing; we are not necessary about the top-line storytelling."

Andy leads the group with the goal of providing new value to GE's overall businesses, while re-thinking the corporation's organizational development in an effort to work with more people and skills. "At GE," he says, "we are constantly trying to break down silos and encourage people to work more holistically."

Prior to GE, Andy Markowitz worked at Kraft Foods as director of digital services, leading a Center of Excellence for all digital activity. In this role, he led efforts to create scalable best practices by providing thought leadership in the management and development of a wide range of online marketing principles, a pipeline of emerging media opportunities, and digital accountability for Kraft brands. Before joining Kraft, he worked at, Dentsu Corp., Ammirati & Puris, and Lintas. 

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