Christian Gebara

Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer
Telefonica Vivo Brazil

Christian Gebara, Chief Revenue Officer of Brazil’s Telefonica Vivo, has only been in his new position for less than a year, but he understands how the functions of both fixed and mobile telephone services are changing with the lives of Brazilian consumers.  He is responsible for an enormous range of disciplines including marketing, products, digital channels, brand, innovation and big data, as well as the entire direct and indirect sales force within Brazil. And Gebara is constantly aware that he is also working with one of the country’s most significant and greatly-valued brands. 

He has been part of the Telefonica Group since 2006 and has held positions in Madrid for Telefonica España and Telefonica Latin America.  Based in São Paulo since 2010, his current focus is on profitable growth for Brazilian operations, while increasing competitive advantage in a more complex, convergent digital market.  In fact, the evolution of his roles within the company makes his well-suited for his expanded responsibilities.  He previously served as VP of Marketing and Sales, VP of Strategy, Advertising and Business Development and VP of Synergies, Integration and New Businesses- Brasil.

Understanding how mobile apps are critical to the value-added services of Telefónica Vivo, he announced within the first month in his new role a company commitment to strengthen its presence in the world of application software.  At the time, two new apps were announced: Live My Business, which provides content on entrepreneurship and business management and Vivo My Show, a service that promises to reveal new talent in Brazilian music.  Both apps provide for customer competitions—whether in winning new business proposals or uncovering new musical talent.

Christian Gebara has a degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

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