Sean Madden

Director of Marketing Technology

Sean Madden is a key architect of Sage’s transformational initiatives.  Possessing a much-in-demand marketing skillset, he leverages cutting-edge marketing technologies to dynamically adapt content across media channels so the Sage brand and messaging resonates locally.  In spite of all the myriad nuances of its diverse markets, Sage focuses on retaining global consistency and brand integrity.

Like many modern global technology companies, Sage grew to preeminence in part through a series of key acquisitions with some of the world’s best known software brands.  Today, Sage must market multiple brands in local markets with local cultures and local languages around the world.  If that’s not enough, they must do that consistently and in a relevant way that resonates with a great variety of users through a highly-diverse array of channels and partners.  Clearly, such a challenge demands the best of what innovative marketing practices have to offer. 

Sean Madden is a marketing leader with proven success in driving profitability by developing business strategies and implementing technology solutions. He has more than fifteen years of marketing technology experience in organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.   He works to craft campaigns that accomplish broader business goals and objectives through his solid experience in software design, platform validations, system deployments, and business process optimization efforts.

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