Angel Pérez Agenjo

Senior Director Marketing, Commercial Operations, Capabilities and Lean Six Sigma, Europe and Canada
Eli Lilly & Company

Pharmaceutical companies across the globe face unprecedented challenges as a consequence of pricing pressures caused by healthcare reforms, increased competition and the difficulty of bringing new drugs to market. Facing such serious business challenges, pharma companies are forced to rethink every aspect of their marketing, from their overall strategic marketing approach to execution.

Eli Lilly understood  it faced a dilemma common to multinationals with many brands in that the company needed to achieve better marketing quality and performance while also managing efficiency and cost.  With more than 500 specialist marketing agencies across Europe, he they not only faced the challenge of coordination and governance, but also realized that the company’s marketing supply chain didn´t effectively support efficient new product launches, which ultimately impacted commercial performance.

With this urging, Eli Lilly launched an International Strategic Marketing Project in 2015 called MAU (Marketing Automation Utilization). Angel Perez headed the initiative with a mission to streamline marketing agency services for Europe to create closer collaboration and a new commitment to innovation and quality.  His aim was to enable a new governance structure that would ensure continuous improvement.

Interestingly, he found that by exploring different collaborations and partnerships outside the common ones in pharma-- with startups, public bodies or less specialized marketing agencies, Lilly brands could enhance their equity by generating improved customer experiences.  His role also extended to fostering a spirit of openness and curiosity within Lilly to generate a climate for customer-facing innovation.  MAU has proven to generate efficiencies while keeping the brand experience for the Lilly customer at the highest level.

Angel Pérez started his Eli Lilly career in Spain, and after some years in the Oncology Business Unit, he moved to Denmark as Managing Director in that country.  His role subsequently expanded to European responsibilities and then to further direction for marketing capabilities and operations beyond that continent and extending to Canada.  He’s currently based in Madrid

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